proper eating & drinking


This is Tom


Tom cooks your food.


Tom has no social life.


Dont be like Tom.




This is Gareth


Gareth loves cheese.


Look how happy Gareth is.


Be like Gareth.





Timothy Taylors Finest real ale.


Golden Best




Our own infused gin, vodka, whisky and brandy.  





our promo vid!


Mark at RTR Digital has been busy filming us again. This time it was the evening of the Duel. He's still got some editing to do to keep it u certified but keep an eye out, it could possibly go viral.

The white swan at Fence is a traditional local pub that just happens to serve food, real ales & wines so fine that you will probably do a little dance of delight when you sample them.


Backed by Timothy Taylors, fronted by team Turners with cellar queen Liv plus the boy wonder Tom Parker in the kitchen, we've got a veritable dream team going on.


It will be love at first sight, smell & savour.

For us, it's about just doing everything the best we can - sending out the best food; pouring the finest drinks; making people feel at home - ultimately sending you away as happy as we can.


As the only pure Timothy Taylors pub in Lancashire, a brewery founded on the principle of never accepting second best, our focus is on flavour.


With our small seasonal menu you know immediately that the ingredients are fresh & well chosen. Our menu changes all the time & it takes a great deal of knowledge, experience & focus to create food that while delighting in its simplicity, is also highly accomplished & beautifully done.

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white swan at fence