The increase in trade since the award of our Michelin Star last October has been unbelievable and we’d like to thank you all for that. Unfortunately it has taken its toll on us all, we have made the decision to close on Sundays.


We understand this is a controversial decision for a pub, however our small team is stretched too far running a 6 day week. Asking everyone to consistently work a 6 day week is unfair and so we have had to decide on another day to shut. Traditionally in a food business it would be a Tuesday but to enable our brilliant staff a happy work life balance and the opportunity to be a little bit normal we have decided that Sunday is the day.


There is some good news though, We will open on the last Sunday of every month, think of it as a Super Sunday. We will serve a special set 4 course menu with a hearty Sunday dinner at the centre of it, priced at £50 / head.


We will of course make sure dietary requirements are catered for and children can choose 3 courses for £25 / head.


Our Super Sundays for 2020 are:


Sunday 26th January

Sunday 23rd February

Sunday 22nd March - Its Mothers Day

Sunday 29th March

Sunday 12th April - Its Easter Sunday

Sunday 26th April

Sunday 31st May

Sunday 21st June - Its Fathers Day

Sunday 28th June

Sunday 26th July

Sunday 30th August

Sunday 27th September

Sunday 25th October

Sunday 29th November

Sunday 20th December - Its Christmas

Sunday 27th December - Its still Christmas


If you’d like to book for these special Sundays please ring us on 01282 611773 or use our booking portal.


We look forward to seeing you



Opening Hours Food




Mon - Closed


Tue to Sat - Lunch 12.00 - 1.45pm

*Please book before 1.30pm if you required the Tasting menu*


Tue to Thurs Eve 5.30 - 8.30pm

Fri & Sat Eve 5.30 - 9.00pm


Sun - See Schedule


Bar open every night till 11.00pm




Tel: 01282 611773


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Book directly through our online booking portal at Resdiary


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