This is Tom


Amongst other things, Tom is very good a chopping chives.


Tom cooks your food.


Be like Tom.



This is Laura and Gareth


Laura and Gareth are married.


Look how happy Gareth is.


Be like Gareth.



This is Olivia


What has Olivia just done?


Olivia looks very happy about it!


Don't be like Olivia


This is Joe and Emily


You don't see Joe and Emily very often.


This is for a very good reason.


Don't be like Joe and Emily

The White Swan in Fence is a small lively local pub that serves great food, great wine and Timothy Taylors award winning real ales.

Chef Tom Parker is rapidly gaining a deserved reputation for outstanding food. Awards include a Michelin Star and 2 AA rosettes whilst The Good Pub Guide and Casque Mark also recognise the quality of real ale that is being served.   


For us, it's about just doing everything the best we can - sending out the best food; pouring the finest drinks; making people feel at home - ultimately sending you away as happy as we can.


As the only Timothy Taylors pub in Lancashire, a brewery founded on the principle of never accepting second best, our focus is on flavour.


With our small seasonal set menu you know immediately that the ingredients are fresh and well chosen. Our menu changes regularly and it takes a great deal of knowledge, experience and focus to create food that while delighting in its simplicity, is also highly accomplished & beautifully done.

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white swan at fence